Uber’s Emil Michael was apparently too awful, even for Donald Trump

Well, it seems Emil Michael, Uber’s notorious former ‘SVP of business,’ is back in the news again

A trove of leaked Trump Administration documents obtained by Axios shows that Michael was once considered as a potential candidate for Donald Trump’s Secretary of Transportation.

This is not a total shock, given his history working as a special assistant to the Secretary of Defence and his time building the most disruptive company in the transportation space, Uber. Or at least it wouldn’t be for most execs with that resume. 

But this is Emil Michael, who unceremoniously left Uber in 2012 amid an investigation into Uber’s work culture and having been implemented in a series of scandals that eventually led to the ouster of the presumed “un-fireable” CEO Travis Kalanick. The same Emil Michael who famously threatened to spend a million dollars to smear me and my family because of my critical reporting on Uber, boasting that “nobody would know it was us…”

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