“I am very much looking forward to having a boss”: After 20 years, Gregg Spiridellis finally has his big exit

“I can’t believe I’m finally here.”

Gregg Spiridellis is talking about the six months of negotiating with Netflix over the acquisition of StoryBots, one of just a handful of deals in the gigantic company’s history. But he could have just as well have meant a lot of things by that statement.

He could have meant that he’s finally gotten his kids fed and to bed and can get on the call he promised me a few hours ago to talk about this deal.

He could have been referring to his two-year back-and-forth that recently led to the sale of the profitable but not-a-rocketship startup JibJab announced three months ago.

He could mean that for the first time in twenty years, he is not the boss.

Twenty years…

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